How To Make Money With Your Computer

First off, I’d like to thank you for visiting my website.  I hope that you get the information you are looking for and more. This post is not a sales pitch for how fantastic Instant Money Network is nor a shameless self promotion of my Daily Money Team paychecks…

This page lays out a clear process for getting started with Instant Rewards minus the fluff and hype; plus shows you how to access the free IMN training materials.  The big picture with this blog post is to have you registered and receiving your first cash rewards within the next 72 hours.  At the same time, I cannot and will not promise that you will make a single penny with this opportunity.

Basically, because it is illegal to state such things and secondly, I don’t know you or the type of work ethic you will put forth.  I will say however, I have helped young teams to senior citizens earn money online for the first time. With that said, I won’t make money for you but I can help you to make money. Watch the video below and click on Step One to get started with The Instant Rewards Network.

What Is Instant Rewards?

Instant Rewards, or The Network, is a CPA (cost per action) marketing program that provides a platform for Fortune 500 – 1000 companies to place their products and services in front of potential customers.

How Do I Get Paid?

Members who join The Network and are able to start making money with no out of pocket costs. The only requirement is that you complete one of the free or discounted offer (or offers) yourself.  As a referral agent you refer customers to the companies’ websites to try their products for free (or discount costs) and for that you are paid a commission.  The key word here is to try not to buy… There is no obligation to keep any service you try out.  But do not cancel the offer the very next day.  Wait at least 85% – 95% of the trial period if you are not interested in keeping the offer.


Getting Started With Instant Rewards


Step One (Instant Rewards For Starters)
To get registered with Instant Rewards click on Step One below.  Remember, your goal is to complete 1.00 full credit to qualify for commissions.



Step Two (Instant Rewards 80 – Recommended)
Would you like to make a little money or a lot?  This step will give you an additional $80 per person. To setup your upgrade with the $80 Instant Rewards Site, Use this link and complete enough offers to reach 1.00 credits.



Step Three (Free Website Setup)
This is awesome! Now, you’ll need to do is setup your free website.  Your website is more like a system that will save you time, energy and make you money.  Click the button below.




Step Four (Account Verification)
Please email, fax or scan a copy of your drivers license or utility bill with your name and address on it to: Fax: 6789600253 OR Email:

You can also take a picture using your cellphone or camera of your Driver’s License with your name and address on it. All information received will be used strictly for account verification and fraud prevention.  You can block out your DL#, SS# and account numbers.  Note: The Network is only looking to verify your name and address.



For access to the training materials enter your email address below and you will receive an email shortly with the link to access them.  Welcome to the team and I wish you mucho success!