What Do You Say When It’s Your First Time?

I come across many people who have never started a home business or this is their first time working from home.  And I often get asked, “Keenan, I haven’t made money yet so what should I say to people to get them to join me?”  That’s a very valid question.

I’ve made money online for a few years so I forget about my first week in online business sometimes. So looking back at myself then, I’ve listed a few things you can say and think about when you’re new.

Keep It Honest, Don’t Lie…

First thing is to be truthful.  You can explain the value of a course or affiliate program without trying to make it seem like you are the guru on this subject.  Don’t be pitchy. “Join my program cuz it’s awesome!” Be specific and share one nugget that you’ve learned that has impacted your life.  If you are new that’s okay, you don’t have to hide it. Let them know, “Hey I just started this home business and I have a mentor that really knows his stuff. You should speak with him.”

“Creating abundance is not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet; it’s about creating a life of possibility.”  ~Peter Diamandis

Share Your Reason WHY

Your success and my success may be totally different. Think about the reason you joined on the first place.  Maybe it was something you’ve learned that helped to relieve stress or get over a slump.  It could be  “I started this program so I could have an opportunity to earn money apart from my job.” Or… “ And I’ve learned so much from the information”  Or… “I work with so many positive people and my life has changed”

You can even share the number of leads you’ve gotten whether they’ve joined or not.  “I’ve gotten X number of leads so far…” People don’t join programs, they join people.  If you are honest and being yourself, when someone relates to you that is what will help them choose to do business with you.


Share The Pro’s And Con’s

There are a lot of companies out there that can work, yet these business opportunities still aren’t perfect.  “I like business ABC because….. but I don’t like…”  If you can show the good and the ugly people will have a better idea of what to expect. Remember that you are talking to real people with real emotions and real problems.  Think about who you know personally that might be interested in doing what you do.  Find a reason for them to look at your online video and connect a bridge to their desires.

The most important thing you can have is listen with a sincere heart.  Yes, you want to make money and so do other people. But, we don’t just want money for it’s own sake. Money is meant to be spent on stuff.  Why do you want the money?  With more money I can???  Everyone has an answer to this question.  If you can find that answer through conversation then you’ll have a direct connection and reason for your prospect to buy or join whether you’ve made money or not.

Another thing to remember is to use your time wisely. In the beginning you have more time to walk people through the process.  Don’t be afraid to walk from website to website or help people to complete the process over the phone. It may take a little longer, but after once or twice you shouldn’t need to do it anymore.  Not only will you ensure that they finish the process but you will learn more about the process of the program.

I hope this helps.

Leave your comments below if you have some killer lines for first timers!

Signing off….
Keenan Dijon

P.S. Most people buy from a place of emotion.  If someone trusts that you can help them get results or relieve struggle you are more than 90% there. So be sure to educate yourself in online marketing and develop your posture.