A Letter To All Entrepreneurs,

As we enter into a new evolved era, there is a need to address the quality and standard of entrepreneurial character and business success in our personal lives.  This season you shall be called into accountability for your accomplishments in a greater way than any time before.  This post does not apply to those who have no intention to expand as human beings or children of God, nor to anyone who desires to remain at their current station in life.  This is strictly intended for you if you are willing to take responsibility over your present life and executive control over your own emotions.  Or if you are willing to trust in God beyond any results while you strive for your greater-self. Keep this question in mind as you set your intentions and goals this season…

Are you prepared to trust in God even if it appears that God didn’t come through? 

 A Spiritual Standard Of Becoming…

As an entrepreneur your ambition and devotion will be tested. There is no way around it.  I’ve come to a resolve that a very large portion of business and the success therein, is spiritual.  Your success is produced not by what you get but by who you become in attaining your personal legend.  Certain actions beget certain results.  With that being said you’re expected to set a standard governed primarily by  the urge that speaks within you.  Mentors and coaches can help you to develop in your niche, programs and business opportunities pose as vehicles, but no external factor can determine your ultimate path for you, my friend.


Entrepreneur’s Manifesto ~Unknown

Setting Your Own Standard:

  • Set a standard as to where you offer your attention
  • Wake up earlier to meditate and pray
  • Develop a Daily Read habit for cultivating your mind
  • Keep your personal space tidy and organized
  • Practice giving without expecting anything in return
  • Become punctual, even in mundane activities

These are some ideas. If you will, set your own standards.  Your participation in these acts will be monitored on a regular basis. Don’t worry I won’t be looking over your shoulder, you will be watching yourself as you have your whole life.  God has always held his people accountable.  As entrepreneurs we are held accountable to God, to the talents He has given us and to our business constituents.

Every souls is purposed with a talent and that talent is to be given back to God through our lives.” ~Taylor S. Brown

Lead The Will’s Power

I declare:  We shall walk in and experience the grace of God like never before this season.  Willpower is necessary but it doesn’t fill the bill.  Willpower is a trait purposed for self-control in directing one’s own behavior and attention toward a conscious objective.  This power does help in personal improvement but was never created to last for the long haul.  Willpower is an initiator.  Using the will to choose where our attention rests can become a habit when the same choice is made continually.  At this point our choosing becomes more of an unconscious recurrence than a routine task.  Our subconscious super-mind draws into our awareness echos of our dominant thoughts to help us manifest that which we think about most of the time. This process, also known as the Law of Faith, enables Grace which begets the ability to produce results. Keep this in mind; the word of God cultivates faith greater than any other earthly substance known to man.

A Call To #Believe

As an entrepreneur we are called to take that which is unseen and make it real; to go even deeper – this realization must solve a problem, create a solution or meet a need.  From that solution a profit is generated (or desired result).  It is proper to receive compensation when one brings value into a marketplace. This is the call of an entrepreneur; we must believe to be real that which exists in a spiritual realm, and then labor to make that imagination a reality.

You have greatness in you my friend. A greatness that transcends spoken words and physical objects. How you do the small things is how you’ll do big things. The fight of your life is to bring an idea into reality while maintaining the moral balance of family, spirit and that which matter most.  Negotiate with your body and demand of yourself more excellence more of the time.  Authorize your spirit to express truth through your seemingly mundane activities through a conscious presence.  take message to heart because it came from mine.  With that, here is an illustration of the Parable of the talents that you should find entertaining.  Leave your comments below and subscribe to my blog posts for immediate updates in the future.

Parable Of The Talents


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  • Meme

    I really enjoyed the reading and the video on the Parable of the Talent. The words that came to mind when watching the video were obedience, faith, work and accountability. When I read “This season you shall be called into accountability for your accomplishments in a greater way than any time before.” That was my cue to get busy, because what I do with my time, gifts and talents has to be accounted for. This was really a challenge as well as a confirmation for me. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://www.keenandijon.com Keenan Dijon

      You are more than welcome. It is time, I believe it and I’m going; if you believe it then you know what you need to do! #GetRdone