Considering a Payday Advance? (Sponsored)

It’s the beginning of a new year and you’ve decided to get your finances in order. 2013 will not pass you by and leave you in the same situation as 2012. So what are you going to do?  You already work to much. You’ve started an internet business and barely have time to promote what seemed like a good opportunity. Your family is looking to you for answers and money. You might be thinking about a payday advance or a quick cash loan to give you that extra boost you need to breath again?  We’ve all thought about it, but is a payday advance loan the right thing for your situation or is it out of the question?

[blockQuote position=”center”]”You should ask for help not just because you are week, but also, to remain strong!”  ~Les Brown[/blockQuote]

Why a Payday Advance?

Nearly 75% of customers who take out a short term cash loan are meeting urgent needs like car repairs or paying monthly bills in between pay checks and find it more convenient than outrageous overdraft fee’s or late charges.

Over half the time a payday advance is in the picture its because you need cash fast.  Before you get a quick loan consider alternative solutions:

  • Ask a friend or family member for the money
  • Maybe your boss is in a good mood and will finally give you that raise
  • Perhaps your community has payment assistance programs

Here Are Some Ways Preserve Income

There are some expenses that can be cut out immediately.  While you may not see a huge savings at first, cutting back on the morning coffee from Starbucks, snacks at the vending machine or that six pack of beer every Friday night can build up a lot more disposable income.  $5 here and there can quickly turn into a monthly light bill.

  •  Keep an eye on your utilities. When you’re not in that room turn out the lights.
  • Is this trip really worth it? Save on gas money by walking more
  • Cut down on entertainment and make Saturday nights Book Club night
  • Trade in your cable box for Netflix $7.99/mo
  • Watch where your money is going to and coming from

There are many things to consider before and after applying for a payday advance loan.  Though some things may be easier said than done, preventative measures can be taken.  A quick loan is usually short term and unsecured.  Amounts range from $100 to $1000.  In short, you are borrowing money and paying a fee for it. Take a look at www.CredLoans.com to learn more about applying for and receiving a payday loan.  Make sure you read guidelines, terms and policies before accepting any agreements.