With These 3 Tools Your Online Business Can’t Lose


When starting out with any business or work from home opportunity you have to learn how to market, that’s a given.  But you also need certain tools that allow you to produce results in a certain way.  Like my Dad always tells me, “Right Tool For The Right Job.”  In this post I am not talking about the tangible tools that you pay money for but the character tools that you possess on the inside.

The first tool you should have is a Burning Desire.  Things will work more in your favor if you first believe in your company and believe in the marketing system they offer.  More importantly however, you’ve gotta believe that beyond any program, person or external circumstance it is inevitable that you will succeed in your life. How to:

  • Hanging around people with aspirations or a hunger for greater living, will give you a greater desire to accomplish your goals.
  • Mental exercises such as visualizing or rehearsing your dream in the desired state will develop a mental certainty in your mind and contribute momentum to your personal ambition.

The second tool, you simply need to be is coachable.  If you are open to listen to and do what your mentor instructs, then you are willing to generate and sustain a stronger financial life with whatever particular opportunity. If you want to learn how to do things greater you must be willing to surrender your old way of thinking. There are structures that you are not aware of and applications that you may not know about. It’s good to have had success in other programs and know a thing or two about business online but you must be willing to learn and grow with help from others.  How to:

  • Being coachable requires honor; honoring what your mentor says enough to actually execute on that instruction.
  • Coachability, teachability and trainability all have a thing to do with your mental growth. Be willing to learn more so you can earn more. A closed mind is one of the most costly things you can have.

Thirdly, you will have to be willing to work.   That phrase ‘willingness to work’ may leave a loop whole in there for your lazy alter-ego (which we all have).  So I’ll say it this way. You have to do the work in order to see the power. Unfortunately there are scams on the internet. But fortunately, there are many legitimate online businesses and opportunities that can assist you to realizing your financial and personal goals. If you haven’t already concluded this you will very soon know that, the greatest program in the world won’t work unless you do!  How to:

  • What you learn to do, practice putting it into action immediately (within 24 – 48 hours of learning) and determine to make activity knowledge a habit.
  • Little activity yields little results which most often comes from larger fears. Let yourself know who the boss is, do the work even if you don’t feel like doing it.

These tools are characteristics that we keep along the journey. Success isn’t a destination that we will one day get to but a way of thinking that we begin to do today. Have a burning desire, be coachable and have a willingness to work and you will find yourself in more situations that will make you smile.

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Yours Truly, Keenan Dijon

Have a great day unless you already had other plans!