Make money with CPA Programs

What Is CPA Marketing And Why Instant Rewards?

Make money with CPA Programs

Instant Rewards is an online CPA marketing company who works with different fortune 500 companies.  As an independent referral agent you will connect potential customers with these companies and receive daily commissions of up to $20 – $100 or more just for helping people try free or cheap trial offers.

Why The Instant Money Network Exists?

Problem:  The traditional methods of advertising have not been as effective in the new millennium as they once were; in fact the entire landscape of marketing has changed tremendously in the past 5 plus years.  Large and small businesses have joined the digital marketing train and began to allocate more of their existing marketing budgets to online marketing initiatives.

For instance, let’s take McDonald’s .. Let’s say they pay $30,000 for a 30 second commercial slot on television. Assuming 30,000 people watch this commercial, perhaps 300 people will be compelled to go and buy a Big Mack.  1% is not a bad conversion rate for an advertising campaign like this one, the issue is however, that the $30,000 commercial isn’t being viewed by 30,000 people.  With the use of TVO and DVR’s consumers are fast forwarding through commercials to get back to their pre recorded program.

The same thing is happening with radio advertising due to internet radio stations like Pandora and Spotify where listeners can have music on demand.

How Do You Profit From CPA Marketing?

Solution: This shift has created a profitable opportunity for entrepreneurs and employees alike to work from home at their own convenience and receive a slice of the billion dollar annual advertising budget that will be paid out whether you get in or not.  Instead of these fortune 500 companies allocating all of their advertising funds into traditional marketing methods (that don’t have the same traction as they once did), these companies use an approach called CPA marketing to pay for specified actions a user takes.

Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action of a user, for instance… a form submission, the purchase of an item, or in this case signing up for a FREE or cheap trial offer.

What’s really sweet about many of these opportunities is that you don’t have to pay anyone to start working. To qualify to work with this online CPA marketing company you simply need to sign up for, and try a free or cheap offer(s) yourself, that’s it.  It’s a one time thing that allows you the opportunity to get paid as often as you want to and practically write your own paycheck.


Daily Money Team Has Made It Even Easier To Get Paid Daily!

Though the money may come in fast, this is by no means a get rich quick operation.  The catch is… You actually have to do some work. The break is… The work is quite simple.  The Daily Money Team has put together practically a cut and past system that has taken an easy and profitable concept and made it systemically more beneficial for you.

Instant Rewards has also been referred to as Instant Money Network, Instant Money Team or Daily Money Team; these names simply refer to different communities of people who work with the main company; Instant Rewards.

You Get Paid Daily!

Remember, with CPA marketing you are paid when a user takes a specified action.  Money is transferred from the fortune 500 companies to Instant Rewards when people sign up for free or cheap trial offers and this happens instantaneously.  Whether a user keeps the service or not does not have any bearing on your work.  What the network does ask, however is that users keep the trial for at least 80% of the trial period to get the most out of the service.

The two ways that you can be paid are either direct deposit into your bank account or through a free service called PayPal.

This Work From Home Opportunity Has No Cost To Start Yet So Much Value To Gain

You will receive your own free website and an extensive marketing toolkit including:

  • Pre-written ads that you can copy, paste and modify with your own information
  • A list of free and paid ad directories to post your ads
  • Training videos that walk you through setting up your system and home office
  • Welcome email with step by step instructions on what to do in order to start making money within your first 24 to 48 hours.
  • One-on-One mentoring
  • Access to a 24 hour live chat room where you can ask questions in real-time and receive help from a community of over 4000 other experienced and new independent referral agents
  • Provide a one page script to read
  • Email support and more…

A typical first week income is between $300 and $600.  By law I can not guarantee that you will make money.  But honestly, we make this thing so easy the only way I could see anyone not making money is if they just didn’t turn their computer on.

You’re probably asking how do you get started?  Before you click the link below, I want you to know, there is a difference between being #Interested and #Committed… If you’re ready, Leggo!


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