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When Your Ambition Exceeds Your Ego

What they don’t tell you about success in the online marketing arena… You’ve gotta know how to market properly, that’s a given.  But you’ve also gotta know how to keep going when things get rough; when life happens; if you get overwhelmed.  As an entrepreneur having an ego may be common and I understand this, we have to esteem ourselves when nobody is there to esteem us or believe in our dreams.  But to reach sustainable plateaus and achieve uncommon pinnacles your ambition must exceed your ego.  Watch this video and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Coaching Others To Success

This is the reason why you need a coach in order to succeed in internet marketing or as an entrepreneur in any market for that matter.  The right coach or mentor will not let you give up before you reach your goals. If you are willing to do your best (I mean your absolute best) then you will realize that the program you’ve joined and the opportunity that you’ve decided to market is never the primary element of your accomplishments. It is you!  You are the deciding factor as to whether you will succeed now or ever.

Reading daily makes you sharper, following through on the decision to develop yourself physically also makes you stronger mentally. Studying money and how it works increases your ability to control your money.  Doing things like this help to strengthen your purpose, your faith and your implementation.

People join people not programs and only the strongest survive in the industry.  This is the element of online marketing that absolutely contributes to your success, but they never tell you about.  The technical part is simple and can be taught to anyone, but without you developing you, your efforts won’t reach the destination.

I have over 3 years of experience marketing on the internet, yet it took me over 2 years to begin to actually make money and build a team of people who would follow my instruction.  Why? Because I had to first be able to lead and follow myself.  Now I realize the value that I have to offer to someone else which comes from the value I have and continue to pour into myself.

What Is The Reason Why You Must Succeed?

You must have a WHY it doesn’t have to be deep but it has to be clear. What is your reason for being here?  Your reason has to be stronger than a sponsor who quit or even a program that goes bankrupt.  Your WHY must transcend all excuses.  Your mentor/coach can help you to make progress but your coach can’t bear-crawl the  field for you.  In the video above, Brock had to accept the challenge and agree to do his best on that field no matter what.  When you feel like giving up, I’ll be there to remind you of your reason WHY you must succeed and to give you insight as to what you can do next, but I can’t make you do it and will not do it for you.

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Are You Ready?

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I wish you wealth, I wish you good health. I wish you insight so you can see for yourself.
Keenan “My Ambition Exceeds My Ego” Dijon