The Work From Home Myth About Instant Rewards


3 Ways To Tell If A Work From Home Opportunity Is A Scam

There are many people who are in search of a legitimate way to work from home, supplement their income or just get rid of that day job that they dread working and spend more time with their family.  In this post we will discuss CPA marketing with companies like Instant Rewards and why this is a great place to begin working from home and earning money online.

Work from home opportunities come by like bus rides but how can you tell a scam from the real thing. In my 6+ years of working the internet, I’ve learned a thing or 2 about what works and what doesn’t.  I haven’t developed a foolproof formula or anything… I’ve just lost lots of money and earned lots of money – but what I’ve learned is this; It’s not necessarily the programs or work from home programs that scam people.  I’ve brought it down to 3 simple elements:

  1. Importance of online leadership
  2. Finding the program that fits your needs
  3. Your own personal commitment

Online Leadership is Crucial

The first thing you want to make sure is in place is sound leadership.  You may see a couple video’s on YouTube from someone who seems to be making success in a certain program, but are they the only one’s succeeding?  If that leader were to drop out of that work from home opportunity, for whatever reason, would the stellar leadership still be available?  Great leadership is like a community of believers who are all going in the same direction.

An effective training system must be in place that can work for anyone who is willing to learn it.  I had to understand this during my career as an entrepreneur, not everyone who set’s out to learn how to earn money from their computer is computer savvy.  That’s ok. And not every time that you call your sponsor will you get an answer on the second ring.  That’s ok too.  The key word here is #Learn, and whenever someone is learning that means there is teaching going on as well.  The reason I mentioned great leadership being as a community is because no matter how great your mentor may be there needs to be more than one person for you to learn from and have access to.  Or after 1 missed phone call you may quit and mark a very profitable work from home opportunity as a scam due to lack of support.

What is CPA Marketing and Why Instant Rewards?

What is CPA Marketing? Cost per action also known as performance based marketing, Pay per action or cost per acquisition where advertisers are paid for for generating leads for clients or when a certain direct response has occurred.

There are many work from home job opportunities I could have listed here but I’d rather keep this post simple and shine light on one idea.  Flexible work from home positions like Instant Rewards, Free Treasure Chest or US Home Work Force have been helping people like myself and thousands of others across the nation earn an additional even full time income.  100% of the people who have joined my team and began on the starter level with Instant Rewards have done so with no startup costs.

When deciding on a program, you can’t really trust if it is right for you before you go through the process.  You have to do your research, of course, but even that can be inconclusive due to the hear-sayers, lazy marketers and others who feel that it didn’t work to their expectation.  If a home based opportunity is welcoming, if you wouldn’t mind bringing your friends or family through the process then that is a good place to start.

The reason why I suggested CPA Marketing with Instant Rewards in this post is because:

  • No cost to start
  • No monthly fees
  • You can earn as you learn
  • No selling or convincing
  • Community support and Online leadership
  • Welcoming process to getting started
  • Making money is fun
  • You can work from home
  • Create your own hours
  • High commission payouts
  • Get paid daily

The process for joining a CPA marketing network is simple.  All you need to do is 1st) sign up for an affiliate account. 2nd) Go through the training to generate traffic (which I can show you). 3rd) Get your affiliate links and marketing materials. 4th) Drive traffic to your respective links.

Instant Rewards Success Story

You Personal Commitment

Now, let’s say that you’ve found a community with sound leadership, you’re passionate about the program and wouldn’t mind sharing it with a close friend or a complete stranger.  The next step revolves solely around You.  You must decide to be committed 100% in order for this to work.  By making a decision, I don’t mean just using mouth service, this is for you, between you & you must be determined to succeed no matter what.

You don’t have to make a public announcement to anyone that you will commit and succeed at working from home.  You may have to wake up everyday and make the same declaration for weeks or months on end.  What I am trying to press upon you here is that without a personal commitment to work through problems, issues or negatives this will only be ‘the next scam’ and continue to pour salt on the internet marketing / work from home industry and deter you from walking in your dream.

– Questions and Action Steps –

- What can my team learn from me that will help them to succeed in a work from home opportunity?

– Am I personally committed to make this opportunity work for me and my family?  Where have I decided to take this work from home opportunity?  What is my monthly financial goal?

– Take a look at the Instant Rewards Work from Home Opportunity and make a decision to succeed at working from home.

– If you have more questions or you’re ready to go, contact me to get started today! (864) 416-1366

To your success,
Keenan “Decide to Win” Dijon