Why Leadership Marketing Makes You More Attractive


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Learning to be an effective leader is a combination of character, value, vision and personal dedication.

“If you can not first lead yourself, what honorable right do you have to expect for someone else to follow you?”  ~Keenan Dijon

So What is Leadership Marketing?

Leadership marketing is a concept that has been around for awhile, but is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in the realm of online marketing.  This sort of marketing focuses primarily on enhancing your personal value and your leadership qualities in an attractive manner.  It is action-learning that shows you how to attract and lead people with confidence.  The starting point of this method is developing the capacity to lead oneself first.

Leadership Marketing, also know as attraction marketing, places an emphasis on becoming more knowledgeable and more compassionate for other peoples success.  Knowing that it is impossible to help the other succeed without you, yourself succeeding as well.  Having value to offer other people gives you the faith and confidence you need to actually lead effectively.

I want to share with you two very key points that I learned from my mentor Mike Dillard in his book Magnetic Sponsoring:

1. People have a subconscious attraction to others who convey leadership qualities and have a high level of personal value.

2. If you want to draw people to your organization effortlessly, you must learn to convey those qualities and have value to offer others.

If you have not read Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard and you are pursuing any type of marketing online career, whether full time, part time or spare time then you are doing yourself an injustice.  I highly recommend that you purchase this book, if not today soon!  This is one of the best books that I have ever read on leadership, marketing on the internet or becoming an attractive person.  Not dating attractive, thought it could work in that way also, but psychologically attractive. Your mind will be set to lead from the inside out and you will know how to constantly bring success to other people as well as yourself.

Leadership Development: Know Who You Are And Where You’re Going

Regardless to what business or profession you work in, if you hold a leadership role or wish to be effective as a leader then you must answer these two questions:

  1. Why would someone join or do business with me?
  2. What value do I have to offer?

The answers to these questions should continue to evolve but unless you have a response now, you aren’t ready to go to any higher level in your business.  I hope that after reading this blog post you have a better understanding of leadership marketing.  Don’t just click away, apply and share what you’ve learned here today.  Lock me in (Ctrl + D)… &Join my mailing list to stay connected. Thanx!


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