• http://sexpose.yolasite.com Sonja

    You know what? I’ve recently joined the “Kari Jobe fan club” too. Her music is so sweet and pure. It seems a rare breed to find a true heart of worship these days but she is definitely a jewel. I haven’t heard her story though, I can’t wait to click the link to learn more. I hope to see her when she’s in my city but it may just be worth it plan a getaway and go wherever she is.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Keenan Dijon

      You know what Sonja? In person the anointing is so sweet that Kari wears about her. Yeah, that’s right. And I like the fact that her songs easily play over and over in my head because its Jesus Music. Excuse me now while I press repeat. ^_^ Thanks for your comment.

  • http://jackie-evancho.us/ jackie evancho

    I like that you go straight to the point in your latest posts, appreciate!

    • http://www.keenandijon.com Keenan Dijon

      Thank you Jackie. Like the Tootsie Roll center of the Tootsie Pop… I wanted you to get to the video and not have to wait. (c:

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  • http://www.keenandijon.com Keenan Dijon

    Oh my! I came back to this archive this morning as apart of my devotion and I am so in awe, still, of the energy and unignorable praise that it stirs up in me. If you feel the spiritual movement also, share this post with friends and family so they might participate in this worship experience. God Bless!